Red Tent Revival!

~going beyond cycles~

Whether you’re just beginning your cycle, parenting a blooming girl or maybe like me, a 49 yr old peri menopausal woman, edging her way towards full menopause, while raising a 9yr old girl, who’s now entering puberty.

Originally Mind Body & Soil focus was on like minded women connecting but day after day my writing and work were intermixed with educating my daughter, now, a homeschooling mom also; we’ve been diving deep into her story, and directing her education, while wrapping our minds and lives around this change; the change happening in both of us.

It is my deepest confidence that woman need the help of woman, we need a space and time to gather, As of late I witness woman give of the hip help then back to their flow, my biggest pet peeve is flippant info. It irritates and separates, so a solution I stumbled upon time and time again was gathering in circle, sharing stories uninterrupted. There is a time and a place to give our advice, in fact one of my favorite famine beings, Dr, Christina Northup says in a mother and daughter seminar regarding motherless daughters, “look around… woman are just waiting to be helpful”, well, I’ve found that hopeful and true. There is also a time to gather and hold space, listen, learn and share

Maiden Mother Crone, have been comforting stories for me, guiding me throughout my journey, they’ve incorporated this time of transition magically, I’m grateful to have made my connection early in life to the moon. Now that I don’t have my period, it is Her cycle I follow to make sense/time of the change. All these stages have been beautiful insofar as filled me with experience and wisdom, helping me settle in this new phase; I’ve always taken my lesson quite serious, always knowing that there is a deeper meaning, I’ve sought truth and found light in the darkest times,

I was extremely fortunate to spend 5 yrs with Ojibwa woman in Saugeen, First Nations. Gathering moon after moon, one thing that I had longed for and finally experiencing, expressing the deepest thoughts and feeling, allowing the space for everyone’s story, woman to open and share. Children were welcome and respected; we listen to stories from the elders, sang, share food, even networked, it was the closest I have ever felt to my sisters on this earth, I miss it every full moon.

For myself, my daughter, the woman who feel alone and confused the struggle is real, you’re not alone, gathering is how we can let some of this weigh off, by connecting and discussing things that are so dismissed in woman’s health, it is though our wisdom a legacy can be reignited and passed on not only to our youth but to the inner child inside us that never got to celebrate these phases joyfully.



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