Flowing with nature

Starting the Journey

I just LOVE Gathering in the forest, it is my favorite space; to meet people, get grounded, open up and breath, I breath really deep and let of sighs of relief, I feel home…kick my shoes off whenever possible and run free, this is where I can smile at flowers and trees, feel familiar in the moss and the aromas of the forests diversities, I can tap into my intuition here it’s my favorite smell and sounds all in one. Beginning a journey on a Full Moon is one of the many signs I followed in creating the first circle. As we gain knowledge of the forests with basic survival skills we can connect and witness on a much deeper level of who we are, Directly support the transition happening within all of us but, before our very eyes we can see these transitions of mind/mood, body and spirit evolving within our daughters; Nurturing this stage with nature allows the values of self care, communication and respect to be developed at a root level. Sharing and guiding this as Her caregiver can and will rejuvenate those values once again within ourselves, as woman we often forgot this wisdom, along your own personal journey we need to keep learning and remember we too have great experience and wisdom to pass on.

See you in the forest!


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