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beyond cycling

The Art of Balancing the changing cycles

Historically woman’s health has been neglected; not just with our overwhelming ability and need to care for the world around us, i.e. family, friends and community but, within the medical science that was created by men for men woman have been left literally feeling crazy! It wasn’t until the 1980’s, a Society for Women’s Health was formed with members of congress, looking in to the horrific stories woman were beginning to share about their experiences and treatments. Even today you’ll still see these brutal practices continuing, woman are still mis-diagnosed with hysteria, unnecessary operations and prescribed pharmaceuticals in attempts to treat a symptom that the system created has no clue how to connect; their learning and understanding of the female human body, having only really understood the male physical and physiological systems, just a point of interest, [1] animals used for medical science were only male, as the females had to many variables to do their time minded medical scientific experiments. I’m going to leave this here now, if you are familiar with our medical history or just becoming aware, a nice article is cited here to read;

it’s not my intention to flare up anger., to blame or encourage/incite hate towards men and the patriarchy that runs this world, In my experience it solves nothing; however these great positive energies can turn a light on, but then what? “Be the change you want to see in the worldMahatma Gandhi, you can know all the facts but if you can’t change yourself, change your reactions solution, gather our wisdom, and share our wisdom if not, then that acquired knowledge can seem like an addition burden or challenge you now have to take on. I support woman supporting woman and humanity. This is where I found the opportunity dive even deeper into self care and self knowledge.

In 1997, Anita Diamant published a novel, Red Tent, a fictional account of the biblical story of Dinah, Firstly; I loved the novel and movie, if you haven’t seen/ read it yet… Homework! I highly recommend it. I grew up with bible stories and they always brought me comfort , stimulating my mind and imagination; later on my journey the stories of Rama, Shiva, Ganesha would also bring me to this simple, yet alive and receptive state, I have always seen the values in morals and self responsibility (Svadyaya), the first nations called it coyote talking, lessons need to be felt in the heart an body and mind, when I absorbed this story, my Spirit, body and mind felt so close to the women. The gatherings, the intimate conversations, tears, triumphs only woman can really share and be understood by woman. This isn’t an exclusion of non females its intended to be a space and place to really talk about what happening within our beautiful female bodies, western medicine has value but it is limited insofar as what can heal us lies within us.

It is when we gather and share our thoughts, feelings and disappointments we can truly connect, putting aside the completion and absorb the Divine Feminine through story, remedies and support. She resides in all of us, longing to share her wisdom and have it passed down to our next budding strong woman.

Build it and they will come!

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