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this is me and my mind body & soil

Helping You Move Forward

I specialize in enhancing and preserving the health of cycling woman and beyond, utilizing 30 years of

Learning and teaching nutrition, Hatha Yoga, Yoga therapy and Ayurveda modalities, I’ve also  weaved in  my social work and counseling back ground and a life time of Environmental Advocating with Urban Gardening as a constant in my life.  My approach to health and wellness came from many hours with my teachers in Yoga and Buddhism; my life experiences and desires add to this ongoing exploration of the intersections between mind and body and our connection to the soil.

Svadyaya/ Self study is one my root practices, I love taking a huge body of knowledge and sharpening it to its most relevant and practical points. I enjoy Gaia, watching physics and astronomy, as well as philosophy and biology, and how ultimately they all blend. Combining good nutrition, movement and breath and philosophy have helped me to make those connections within myself, I’ve increased my health and sense of beauty, all the while cultivating a deep and meaningful life for me and my family and friends


Constantly discussing the relationship between mindfulness and well-being, with personal study and responsibility keeps me grounded on this ever changing journey.



Me & Mind Body & Soil utilize a personal assembly of learned Yoga/ Ayurveda, Nutrition and Eco-awareness;                                         

These collections of holistic modalities are  gentling and mindfully  incorporated into your daily lifestyle; as every woman is different, so are her needs, the  balance of daily life , learning the why and how these recommendations work,  is the  key.  Mind Body & Soil is not a here to promise quick results via some magic pills or remedies, the healing begins with your awareness, your effort and your investment in becoming the best YOU can be!

Each part of the program is specified to your needs and goals. The assessment covers your budget so there are no surprises except for the amazement of how easy and simple it is to begin the health journey!

 I feel at this point on the journey myself and other woman of this stage and cycle may feel like the exception to every rule, that these supposed “diets” just don’t work for us, perhaps causing stress and depression, emotional outburst coupled by the feeling of failure accompanies women more often than not, here at mind body soil our goal is to educates supports and encourage. ,

Utilizing the Ayurveda Dosha system gives us a new perspective of our physical mental and emotional selves, in Yoga we practice Svadyaya (the study of self) this is how we create our own map.


It is my enthusiastic pleasure to assist you on your journey.

Reach out at see if me and mind body and soil can get you flowing in the right direction

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